KARAVAN eyewear has arrived!

06 July 2024

KARAVAN eyewear has arrived at Village Optician! We are the first UK stockist of this amazing range of French eyewear.

You've probably never heard of KARAVAN so let me tell you a little about them;

KARAVAN is a French eyewear brand, which emerged in the early 1970s with a bold vision - freedom. It was founded by a visionary optician, Jean Lempereur, who aimed to capture the energy of that era through avant-garde eyewear.

The brand’s roots trace back to the original LEMPEREUR collection, created by Jean Lempereur in 1973, so it has a very rich history and was renamed as KARAVAN in 1993. KARAVAN embodies freedom—freedom from conformity, freedom to cater to diverse individuals, and freedom to express unique character, in other words the freedom to be yourself.


This means that the shapes, styles and colours are different and never plain. They are deliberately different from other eyewear brands and designs.

Which means you really won't bump into someone wearing the same pair - did we mention we are the first official UK stockist? Oh, we did...

Come and check them out in our Durham practice right now!


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