How we "look" for Glaucoma


For our first post of 2023 I thought I'd make it a clinical one and talk a little about an eye disease that everyone has heard of but not many know what it actually is - Glaucoma. Now Glaucoma is a little tricky to even explain what it is, there are a few different types of Glaucoma (or "the Glaucomas") which makes it even more difficult. But here goes!

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Who doesn't love a mince pie?


Well, it's already Christmas again! The terribly predictive Christmas films are on (In my house anyway, I think it's time for some classics now, if my wife is reading this), the trees are up, the lights are flashing, we've eaten more than our fair share of mince pies (who doesn't love a mince pie?) and we've had our traditional staff Christmas curry night. This year seems to have flown over again, and now I've got a cup of tea and a mince pie in hand it's time for a little reflection

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Why do I need Reading Glasses?


Ever wondered why you need reading glasses?

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An Imaging Case Study


This week is National Eye Health Week, so we thought, we'll share this case history with you. These images highlight how amazing the latest technology in eyecare really is.

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The End of Summer


Summer is coming to an end, you can feel the autumnal chill first thing in the morning, and I have to say I love it.

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Summer Sunwear for the Eyes


As we are experiencing the hottest day in the UK since records began, it seems only right to talk a little about sunwear. We all do love our sunglasses, not only do they shade our eyes from the bright light but we look good while doing it! There are a few things to consider when choosing the right sunglasses/ sunwear for your needs.

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London Calling!


At the end of April we had a team trip down to London to bring back amazing new eyewear for our clients here in the North East. After what seemed like such a long time (a little over 2 years to be more exact!) the UK optical industry held it’s first international trade fair showcasing the very best in new eyewear, style, lens technology and state of the art equipment. It was so good to see old friends and make some new ones too as we looked for the latest independent eyewear.

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Myopia Management Glasses


Great news! I’ve just completed my accreditation to dispense MiYoSmart lenses. Yes - I know that doesn’t mean anything to you right now so let me explain. MiYoSmart are glasses lenses for Myopic children. They are a new breed of lens for Myopia Control, or Myopia Management.

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Introducing Tree Spectacles


New year, new glasses? We may have just the thing for you; introducing Tree Spectacles.

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