Some practical advice for 2024!

09 January 2024

So, here it is another new year...

When so many of us are thinking about setting a resolution, whether it's personal or professional the beginning of a new year is a time to reflect and try to change something in our lives.

Unfortunately many people have had poor or bad eyewear experiences in the past. They don't like the process of buying, or wearing new glasses.

We do get many clients at the beginning of a year wanting a new look, they want to feel better about their glasses. The good news is that we can help. And here is a little practical advice if you are wanting to update your eyewear in 2024. We can break this down into;

3 Simple steps to great glasses

1. Think about your vision.

This step is quite often overlooked - clients tend to focus (pardon the pun), on what the frames look like - which is what we all do, with no consideration for our vision. After all we all want to look our best but don't forget about the lenses! The lenses can make a pair of glasses look amazing if given the right thought. How you see is just as important as how you look! 

You need expert advice on which lenses are best for your prescription and frame choice. You'll never feel great in your glasses if you can't see comfortably!


2. Understand what your glasses say about you.

What do our glasses say about you? Perhaps you didn't realise they say anything about you. Did you even know you had a style personality? Yes, we all do and once you understand this it can make choosing glasses a very different experience, it can help to make the process easier. But you'll probably need help to discover your style personality. 

Think of it in this way, on TV and film if they want to portray a character in a certain way they will sometimes give them certain glasses. 

So have a think about it, what do you want your glasses to say about you? You may not even know, which is why expert guided help really makes the difference when finding the right pair of glasses.


3. Making the right choice.

OK, so now we've considered lenses and style personality we need to look at making the right frame choice. 

This is the part that many clients don't enjoy. But, this is usually due to bad experiences in the past. Many opticians tend to have walls of glasses that all end up looking the same, especially if you are left to try to choose yourself. 

These are the things you now need to consider - style personality, what type of colouring you have, scale of your face, the brow line and overall face shape.

All these work back to what you want your glasses to say about you. Do you want them to stand out or blend in. Do you want them to have a certain 'look'? Oversized and bold or neat and understated. 

In our experience the best way (and most enjoyable) is to have a coffee and let an expert guide you through it.

You never want to be somewhere that leaves you to do it yourself. 





Village Optician