Our Story

OK, so you will want to know a little bit about us here at Village Optician. We want to know who we are dealing with when we’re looking for new people to work with too!

Myself Michael, and Stephen, my brother, are both fully qualified Optometrists. We did the usual thing after gaining our qualifications, and worked for some different Opticians, we didn’t know at that point we wanted to be Optician business owners!

One thing we saw working for different opticians, was that things weren’t always set up to give you, the client, the best experience; whether that was from how the glasses were displayed to the time we were given to do an eye examination.

The Village Optician was formed way back in 2003 when we decided that we wanted do things a little differently.

We wanted to take the things they did well and add to that the things we could do to create a client first experience. Such as; focusing on you, the client by allowing more time for appointments. Removing the time constraints meant we could offer a more personal service - giving us time to be ourselves and actually talk to people, rather than felling rushed to do our job.


Over the years we have evolved into what you now see as The Village Optician. We are truly independent, we don’t have a faceless head-office telling us what lenses to use or which frames to stock. These are OUR choices. This means that YOU get the best available. We have better eyewear than ever before, we are experts in digital lens technology (in fact we’ve written a book about varifocals – you can get your copy here).



Michael Peart


Stephen Peart




Award winning



A highlight for us was when we won the 2019 Optician of the Year at The Independent Retail Awards North East. We were nominated by our clients so it was a very nice surprise to get the call to let us know we were shortlisted – and even nicer to win!

Of course, none of this could have happened without our team of dedicated people, passionate about eyewear, helping clients find their #ExceptionalEyewear every day.

In fact you could say we’ve all become eyewear geeks.

The vision we can give you with the latest lens technology and the choice of high quality glasses has never been so good as it is now!


Some of The Village Optician team visiting London to choose new eyewear


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