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Varifocals can be confusing.

They way they work, how you hold your head to look through them, what you can see through them. It’s hard to understand even why you need them sometimes. Well we are here to help. I have a real passion for eyewear, and can admittedly sometimes get a little too excited when I’m talking about how I can help you to see – what we can do for you, and what vision we can give you. But I’m also a realist – We always let you know what the imitations are, what lenses can and can’t do for you. Nothing will beat the natural eye and it’s ability to focus and see, but when that’s started to change and you can’t do it for yourself anymore that’s when we can help. But here’s the thing about varifocals, strangely a lot of the success with them depends upon your brain and how it deals with the limits of the lens.

That’s why you need to click here to download our free guide to buying varifocals.

In it you’ll discover:

Why you may need a varifocal

How they work

The limitations of the lenses and how that could affect your vision

Different designs of varifocals

Common problems with them


My reasons for writing the guide were to try to help you regain the most natural vision that you can by using varifocal lenses and if you understand more about them, then you will be more successful in wearing them for years to come.

So download my free guide to see if I can give you the tools you need to make your choice of varifocal lenses.


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