How Much Do Glasses Cost at the Village Optician?

We'll always let you know the best we can do for you based on your individual needs and your prescription, but you're probably curious as to how much our glasses are and to see if we are a good fit for you. 

Let's start with the lenses. There are so many different options and types of spectacles lenses that this guide might not be able to give you an exact price, more of a guideline figure 

Two things that are very important to us here at Village Optician are quality and design. We choose which lenses to provide based on these two factors. Design is so important as lens technology is so good now that we can do so much more with lenses than we ever could. You’ll have to have a look at some of our information on lenses to gain more of an understanding of lens design but basically we want to give you the best we can. Quality is important, there are different qualities of everything you can buy and spectacle lenses are no exception.  

The lenses are split in our price guide into 2 main parts Single Vision and Varifocals. Single vision is just that – a distance or near prescription with one focus. Varifocals give a focus at all distances and are needed by presbyopic clients who need a distance and near vision in one pair of glasses. This is the price guide so we won’t go into detailed explanations about the different lenses here. 


Bespoke and Premium Lens Options


This guide gives you the bespoke and premium options (in other words the ones we choose to wear ourselves). There are so many lenses available we can't include them all here such as transitions polarised and office or computer lenses, but all are available. A quick explanation of the lens tables; the thinnest lenses are the 1.76 and the standard thickness lenses are 1.5, most clients will need the 1.5 or 1.6. For a tailored quote you'll need to speak to one of the team and we can recommend based on your prescription. 


Our bespoke and premium varifocals are priced as follows. If you want to understand a bit more about varifocals then why not download our Varifocal Buyers Guide here. 


Our Frames


We specialise in helping you to find your eyewear style; glasses that you feel good about wearing so you’ll find many exclusive and different frames at Village Optician. Our exclusive ranges start around £250 and go up to around £450. These are glasses that you won’t find many people wearing as they aren’t available at high street opticians. To learn more you can download our Eyewear Buying Guide here. 

Some examples of our eyewear are Götti, Blackfin, JF Rey, Tree, Johann Von Goisern and Morel. 

We do have lower priced options in both the frame and lens ranges, although we don’t do ‘basic’ glasses. We are always happy to discuss your options with you, to see if we are a good fit for you. 


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