Varifocal problems


As Opticians, we will always tell you how good and useful varifocal lenses are. I personally love them, I wear them every day, I recommend them every day, I get excited talking about them every day. BUT there are some common problems that I feel you should know about.

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Finding my Style


I now own a pair of green socks, and it’s all thanks to a pair of glasses I got 2 years ago.

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So what are Varifocals?


Some of the commonest questions we get asked are about varifocals. What are they? How do they work?

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"So this is Christmas, And what have you done?"


Well not as much as we’d hoped to this year that’s for sure! And what a year it’s been!

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Anti-fog lenses are here!


Like everyone at present, I was tired of my glasses steaming up. So, I decided to test out some anti-fog solutions for myself!

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Introducing the amazing Götti eyewear titanium collection


Our first Zoom session!

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BlackFin has arrived!


We've had to wait, but WOW, it was worth it!

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The things I’ve learnt from lockdown


Like everyone else, lockdown really gave me pause to think and take a step back from what has become the crazy pace of modern life.

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Cup of tea?


I’ve recently tried to change my tea drinking habit.

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