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23 November 2020

For us glasses wearers using face masks is proving to be a somewhat steamy affair! I’ve been getting a little fed up with the fogging up so I’ve been investigating and testing some of the anti-fog solutions that are now available to us. I wear my glasses all day and at present am wearing a surgical style facemask all day too, so fogging has been a problem, worse now that it’s getting colder! 

Test 1 – No Fog lens cloth 

This cloth is so easy to use, all you do is rub your lenses 3 to 4 times and then you are set. I have to say this worked very well for me, the cloth manufacturer suggests one treatment and the anti-fog should last all day. I personally found that I had to redo the treatment after lunch if I had been out in the cold with the glasses. For me that wasn’t a problem, even to redo it 2 or even 3 times a day as it worked. This is a great solution for people who only need to use a face mask for certain times, like shopping. One treatment before going into the shops and you’ll be set for the shopping trip and beyond. 

Test 2 – Gemini Anti-Fog lenses 

Now this is what I’d been waiting for. We knew they were coming but had been in testing and weren’t released until the manufacturer was 100% happy with them. Then 4 weeks ago they arrived! The first client to order and get them was a nurse. She called us the next day to let us know they were working well for her – turns out she was the only one on the ward whose glasses weren’t steamed up! Now with anything new like this we always want to make sure they work before we start recommending them. So, a few of us ordered them for ourselves, I got mine last week. They work! They do need activation and have a special cloth to ensure that they keep their anti-fog properties. You’ll probably have to use this cloth once a week, but normal cleaning with a standard cloth is fine. They have had a tough test this last week as the weather got colder and glasses are much more likely to fog coming in from the cold. What I found was they do fog up a little but clear very quickly (even after opening the oven). This is a great solution for anyone who needs to wear a facemask all day with their glasses, or who doesn’t want to have to clean their glasses with the no fog cloth a few times a day. 

What I found with both solutions was that as they lost some of their anti-fog properties, the lenses would get wet rather than foggy, especially the Gemini lenses as the surface stops the small fog/water particles forming on the lens. These anti-fog solutions are both good, but nothing is totally fog free! The glasses will still steam up but clear very, very quicklythere are limitations, but these could work well for you too! 

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