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Hinges on a spectacle frame can tell you a lot about the quality of the frame itself. I know? Would you believe it?

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My 3 Favourite Varifocals


Ok, I admit it, I do have favourite lenses. It might sound a bit strange to anyone who doesn't work in optics but you'll find that most good opticians have their favourites*. These are the lenses that I wear myself (that I will happily pay for), so I know I can recommend them to my clients knowing how good they are.

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A lens is a lens is a lens?


When we have our eyes tested, we should get some form of recommendation as to what type of lenses are going to be best for us in our new glasses. And that's great, you definitely should be recommended which type of lenses would be best for you, but are you recommended a specific lens? Yes, a specific (possibly named) lens. And the biggest thing of all for me is why? Why that lens. Let me explain.

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Welcome to Our New Imaging Suite


We've been working away behind the scenes to create a truly amazing eyecare experience here at Village Optician to go hand in hand with our #ExceptionalEyewear, welcome to our brand new imaging suite!

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Anti-fog lenses are here!


Like everyone at present, I was tired of my glasses steaming up. So, I decided to test out some anti-fog solutions for myself!

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