A lens is a lens is a lens?

01 July 2023

When we have our eyes tested, we should get some form of recommendation as to what type of lenses are going to be best for us in our new glasses. And that's great, you definitely should be recommended which type of lenses would be best for you, but are you recommended a specific lens? Yes, a specific (possibly named) lens. And the biggest thing of all for me is why? Why that lens. Let me explain.

Unfortunately there is a huge difference in quality between lenses. Not only in the finish of the lens in terms of any coating and the perfect smoothness of the lens surfaces but, and very importantly, in the design of the lens itself.

It's as simple as this - good/high quality lenses give you better areas of sharper vision. What does that mean? It means that you can see better. Why we would do an eye examination and then not offer someone the lenses that will give you the best vision is something I don't understand, but it's more common than you think. Many opticians are guilty of this - they wear the best lenses but never offer them to their clients and patients!? Why? Well to be honest the best lenses are more expensive, and if as an optician you find it hard to explain why the lenses you are offering are so good and worth the money you tend to not mention them. That's something I really don't agree with. Everyone should have the choice of great lenses and therefore great vision. A good opticians should be able to offer you lenses and be able to tell you about them, what's the name of the lens, where are they made, why are they so good, how will it benefit your vision?

I'm in a very lucky position that I get to try lots of different lenses, but I'm wearing, what I firmly believe as the best in the world right now. There is quite a buzz in our industry right now because eyewear style and amazing lens design are both hitting highs right now. The good news it this will only get better as technology improves.

So lets think about lenses, lets talk about lenses, and lets wear great eyewear!

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