Hinges on a spectacle frame can tell you a lot about the quality of the frame itself. I know? Would you believe it?

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Time Flies When You're Having Fun!


Where does the time go? I can't believe we've had our annual trip down to London to choose new frames to bring back up to our lovely clients. That means the last year has flown over!

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What are Cataracts?


You may have just been told you have cataracts, but what are they? There is a very common misconception that a cataract is a growth across the front of the eye - like a skin that can be peeled off. That's not a cataract at all.

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Some practical advice for 2024!


So, here it is another new year... When so many of us are thinking about setting a resolution, whether it's personal or professional the beginning of a new year is a time to reflect and try to change something in our lives. Unfortunately many people have had poor or bad eyewear experiences in the past. They don't like the process of buying, or wearing new glasses.

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Shoes v glasses. How many pairs do you have?


A couple of questions for you to consider - How many pairs of shoes do you have? And how many pairs of glasses do you have? Got your answer? OK.....

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My 3 Favourite Varifocals


Ok, I admit it, I do have favourite lenses. It might sound a bit strange to anyone who doesn't work in optics but you'll find that most good opticians have their favourites*. These are the lenses that I wear myself (that I will happily pay for), so I know I can recommend them to my clients knowing how good they are.

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New Season Morel


We love it when new eyewear arrives! The new season of Morel is exceptional. The styling, colours, shapes and sizes are all just right.

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The Glasses I didn't know I needed!


I wear my varifocals all day, everyday. I'm lucky that I get to wear what I would describe as some of the best varifocal lenses in the world right now. I have no problems with them. They work for everything I need to do, or so I thought.

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A lens is a lens is a lens?


When we have our eyes tested, we should get some form of recommendation as to what type of lenses are going to be best for us in our new glasses. And that's great, you definitely should be recommended which type of lenses would be best for you, but are you recommended a specific lens? Yes, a specific (possibly named) lens. And the biggest thing of all for me is why? Why that lens. Let me explain.

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