London Calling!


At the end of April we had a team trip down to London to bring back amazing new eyewear for our clients here in the North East. After what seemed like such a long time (a little over 2 years to be more exact!) the UK optical industry held it’s first international trade fair showcasing the very best in new eyewear, style, lens technology and state of the art equipment. It was so good to see old friends and make some new ones too as we looked for the latest independent eyewear.

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Myopia Management Glasses


Great news! I’ve just completed my accreditation to dispense MiYoSmart lenses. Yes - I know that doesn’t mean anything to you right now so let me explain. MiYoSmart are glasses lenses for Myopic children. They are a new breed of lens for Myopia Control, or Myopia Management.

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Introducing Tree Spectacles


New year, new glasses? We may have just the thing for you; introducing Tree Spectacles.

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Hearing Care now at Village Optician


We are really pleased to let you all know that we now offer hearing care services within our branches. The services are with an excellent provider called The Hearing Care Partnership.

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It's our Birthday!


We are 18! Yes 18. We can’t quite believe it either. Wow, when I think back to where it all started it seems like a lifetime ago. And look at us now! 4 practices, a great team and thousands of wonderful clients.

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Welcome to Our New Imaging Suite


We've been working away behind the scenes to create a truly amazing eyecare experience here at Village Optician to go hand in hand with our #ExceptionalEyewear, welcome to our brand new imaging suite!

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New Eye Scanning Technology Arrives in Durham!


Now you know that we love our Eyewear here at Village Optician and we like nothing more than helping you to find your #ExceptionalEyewear, but that’s not all we do here. For most clients your eyewear experience with us starts with an eye examination and we have recently taken our eyecare to the next level. Let me explain all about the latest scanning technology we have added into our Durham practice.

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Why Am I Seeing Floaters?


Have you ever seen little black or grey spots, squiggles or lines in your vision? Yes? Then you have seen your floaters.

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At last Spring is here!


I love spring. I love to see the flowers blooming, bringing some colour back after a cold, dull, hard winter.

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