Introducing Tree Spectacles

20 January 2022

New year, new glasses? We may have just the thing for you; introducing Tree Spectacles. 

We first came across Tree Spectacles in an Instagram post from a frame representative we used to work with, Tree were looking for independent opticians in the UK to be exclusive stockists of their frames. The images looked amazing and we hoped that they were as good in real life as they were online. We weren’t disappointed. 

Tree are Italian, their design philosophy is “simple”. This means clean lines and classic, timeless shapes and styles. If you have a look at the collection you’ll see what they mean. They aren’t trying to be fancy – and the styles look amazing, especially as they choose colours that work so well together. They also produce capsule collections or design series, for example my personal Trees are from the Bold Series, which is quite obvious when you look at them! The quality of each handmade frame is amazing. They use the best, purest titanium from Japan and bio-acetate made from cotton. (Plastic spectacle frames can be made from a number of different materials. Ranging from the very cheap and environmentally unfriendly, oil based injection molded plastic – to high quality cotton based acetate. A more detailed discussion of materials is for another time!).  

I have to say, I love my Trees. They are so comfortable even though they are big and bold. This is due to how well they are made. The curves and the finish of the edges on the bridge and the lightness of the titanium. If you get hold of them you can just tell they are great quality. 

Have a look at the video above to get an idea of some of the styles and the colours they come in. They have really hit this season's styles with the coloured crystals and complimentary top line colours and patterns. 

So, if you are looking for something a little different to start off your 2022 style then Tree Spectacles might just be the right choice for you. I know they are for me, I’m currently wondering which pair would make the best sunglasses for me....... 

Village Optician