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Hinges on a spectacle frame can tell you a lot about the quality of the frame itself. I know? Would you believe it?

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New Season Morel


We love it when new eyewear arrives! The new season of Morel is exceptional. The styling, colours, shapes and sizes are all just right.

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The Glasses I didn't know I needed!


I wear my varifocals all day, everyday. I'm lucky that I get to wear what I would describe as some of the best varifocal lenses in the world right now. I have no problems with them. They work for everything I need to do, or so I thought.

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We enjoyed this year's visit to London to look at new collections and order new season styles to bring back home to the North East. I must say it went incredibly well and new stock has arrived and we look forward to showing the amazing new eyewear to you

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Introducing Tree Spectacles


New year, new glasses? We may have just the thing for you; introducing Tree Spectacles.

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At last Spring is here!


I love spring. I love to see the flowers blooming, bringing some colour back after a cold, dull, hard winter.

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So what are Varifocals?


Some of the commonest questions we get asked are about varifocals. What are they? How do they work?

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"So this is Christmas, And what have you done?"


Well not as much as we’d hoped to this year that’s for sure! And what a year it’s been!

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Vision Aid Overseas


We have always supported the Vision Aid Overseas charity by collecting old or unwanted glasses and donating them to the charity.

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New eyewear ranges


We’re not long back from one of the international trade fairs that we visit each year in January.

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Tom Davies ‘made to measure’ range added.


We’ve also just added the Tom Davies ‘made to measure’ range to the Newton Aycliffe practice.

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