19 April 2023

We enjoyed this year's visit to London to look at new collections and order new season styles to bring back home to the North East.

I must say it went incredibly well and new stock has arrived and we look forward to showing the amazing new eyewear to you. We've already had a few early birds get in and order their new eyewear from the new collections!

Well, I say it all went well, but when you love eyewear and spend the weekend doing nothing but looking at new frames you end up choosing one for yourself.

And by one I mean 4! Yes I didn't realise that I'd ordered 4 new pairs,. We kept getting deliveries and someone would say, "Here is Michael's new frame", and then again the next delivery, and again, and again! Whoops!. I've tried to cut them down but I love them all and they are all different enough so it looks like they are going to be the new additions to my eyewear wardrobe.

I'll give you a run down of what I've ordered;

First off there is a pair of Oga by Morel. Morel are a French eyewear manufacturer, they have been making glasses frames since 1881. These are acetate and aluminium. These will be a great everyday pair.

Next JF Rey carbon wood, JF Rey is one of the most influential eyewear designers on the planet, and these frames made from carbon fibre and wood are exceptional. These are going to be amazing glazed with polarised sunglass lenses maybe with a custom blue mirror finish.

Then I've got some new acetate Dutz. This is a very bold pair from the Netherlands. They look black but are layered with black and clear acetate and blue edges. These will be great with some kind of custom blue tint.

Finally, some Blackfins. These are sheer luxury eyewear. They are made in Italy and are pure titanium. Incredibly light and strong, and very, very comfortable. 

Well, there we have it. I've also gone a little blue with my choices but they are all amazing pieces of eyewear. I do understand that as an Optician, I am in the lucky position to be able to have multiple pairs of glasses and to build up an eyewear wardrobe - having different frames for different outfits and occasions. We are now finding that many of our clients are following suit and also building up their eyewear wardrobes; you can do this when you chose great quality.

My final question - Which pair would you choose? Or would it have to be more than one? (I couldn't decide!)



Village Optician