Shoes v glasses. How many pairs do you have?

27 November 2023

A couple of questions for you to consider - How many pairs of shoes do you have? And how many pairs of glasses do you own? Got your answer? OK.....
But then think about this - What do people look at first when they meet you, your face or your feet? Obviously your face.
What do people interact with, your face or your feet? Obviously your face!
We will have multiple pairs of shoes to pair with different outfits but maybe only one pair of glasses!
Does that one pair of glasses really go with every outfit you have?
We will choose our shoes to match what we are wearing that day, but not our glasses. (Admittedly, I can because I do have multiple pairs of glasses). Glasses are so much more than a functional item (yes, they do help us to see, which of course is extremely important), but they can help us to communicate who we are, show a little of our personality (just look how TV and film use different glasses styles to instantly say something about the character), and be the ultimate fashion accessory if we want them to be. After all, for those of us that need glasses, it's the one thing we wear everyday. We don't wear the same top, blouse, shirt, dress, trousers, jeans, and even shoes everyday yet many of us wear the exact same pair of glasses every single day.
And, yes we have different shoes/ footwear for different activities but only one pair of glasses to do everything we do with. We go to work in our glasses, we run in the same glasses, we'll go for dinner in the same glasses. Not to mention the various visual activities we do daily; driving, working on a laptop, scrolling on a tablet, reading a book etc. OK, varifocal glasses can just about cover all these bases but quite often task specific glasses are by far the best option.
I would take a guess that just about the whole population of the UK knows Pru Leith and her love of colourful glasses. It's her signature 'thing'. She certainly knows how to match her glasses to her outfit for that day. What is very interesting is her thoughts towards handbags and shoes. She doesn't invest in them the way she does her eyewear. Why? Because your handbag and your shoes both go under the table but your face doesn't.
Worth thinking about!

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