New Dutz Eyewear Arrivals

10 May 2023

New season Dutz Eyewear have arrived and here are two models to showcase different shapes on a very similar theme.

As you know we love finding new and different frames for you to wear and enjoy and these new Dutz are amazing.

These two models are based on very different shapes but both have angles and rounded aspects which will suit a huge variety of face shapes.

The first is based on a round (and by the way very few people suit a completely round frame, an exact circle. So you'll find that most round frames aren't actually perfect circles - but you would never notice!).

The frame has a really nice rounded eye shape but it has a flattened top, giving the frame a straight edge and introducing angles which mean the shape suits more faces.

 The second is based on a squarer, rectangular type of lens shape but this one has curves added to the outer rim which softens the shape and reduces the outer angles, again meaning that more prole can wear the shape. It also has the flatter top line.

Both have amazing colour ways which also add to the appeal of the eyewear and will suit different colour types and skin tones.

These frames have it all, rounded, angular, rectangular and the colours!

And, yes, OK they probably aren't the best fit for me but you'll have to agree they are beautiful!


Village Optician